Frequently Asked Questions

During your free site visit, we will take detailed measurements.  Prior to the visit, we'll ask for the approximate size  you'd like so we can give you a rough price estimate and properly prepare for a productive site visit.

The size of a structure, both pergolas and pavilions, is represented by the dimensions of the canopy.  Typically, but not always, our structures have a 12" overhang on all four sides. The footprint is usually 24" smaller.  For example, a 10' x 16' pergola has a post footprint of 8' x 14'.

In most cases, pergolas can be attached to your house.  Your Lawn Master Outdoor Living, LLC representative (Territory Manager) will be able to determine if this is an option during your site visit.

Pavilions can not be attached to your house. However, our Territory Managers and Design Team have plenty of experience creating solutions!  We can offer options to incorporate the function/style of an attached structure without actually attaching the pavilion to your house.

Yes! With our professionally applied pre-stain option, you can choose from three standard colors: Natural Cedar, Red, or Brown.  Custom stain is also available at an additional charge.  This will allow for more complete coverage of each component for maximum protection while also streamlining installation, minimizing on-site disruption.

We recommend the beautiful protection of our professional-grade Wood Defender stain by Standard Paints, Inc.  However, unfinished Western Red Cedar will weather to a rustic, silver-gray patina if you choose to forgo the stain option.

Generally, you can expect installation to be completed within 10-14 business days once your order is confirmed.  Of course, this is subject to seasonality, permitting, and HOA approval, if required.  Prior to order confirmation, we'll provide a free on-site visit and work out the details of your project.

Actual on-site installation for a median sized structure can be completed in one or two days.  Your installer will arrive with your structure pre-cut and pre-stained (if chosen), minimizing disruption to your day and your landscape.  Larger and/or more complex designs will require additional days, yet still provide minimal disruption.

Yes, we request the purchasing customer be present at the start and the completion of the installation. 

Upon completion, you will be asked to complete a satisfaction survey. We are an award-winning Preferred Service Provider and work diligently to earn our stellar satisfaction rating through The Home Depot's "Voice of the Customer".  Our installers will be happy to address any questions or concerns right on the spot, leaving you to the business of enjoying your outdoor living space immediately!

Absolutely!  We specialize in custom designed, professionally built outdoor structures.  Whatever you need, whether it's a large size or an unusual shape to maximize your space, we've got you covered! Each and every installed outdoor structure - whether it be a pergola, pavilion, or a combination will be designed and built specifically to match your site, your style, and functional needs.  We also have a vast selection of options and upgrades so you're certain to get exactly what you want - down to the last detail!

Give us a call at 877-553-9931 or email us!  A Lawn Master Outdoor Living, LLC professional will be happy to answer your general price questions or questions about our process/products. 

You can take advantage of our free site-visit for more site specific questions.  You'll get a one-on-one, personal consultation leveraging our experience and expertise.  You can weigh all your options, tinker with designs, and receive a definitive written price quotation - all for the low, low price of ZERO DOLLARS!

For centuries, builders and artisans have valued Western Red Cedar for it’s beauty and durability. It’s perfectly suited for outdoor use and is naturally
resistant to insects, decay and moisture.

Western Red Cedar is like the 'little black dress" of construction materials - amazingly adaptable to any design style. It's at home in contemporary, modern, and traditional designs, and the style can accommodate everything from refined sleek to ruggedly rustic.

You can feel good about choosing Western Red Cedar for your home, your family, and your environment. Wood is the world’s only renewable building material and forest regeneration helps us all breathe easier. Harvesting wood is less intrusive and requires only a fraction of the energy used to produce materials such as aluminium and steel.

The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA)
offers a wealth of information regarding characteristics,
sustainability, and the versatility Western Red Cedar.

For more information, visit

  • Site must be level within 6” prior to installation.
  • When digging postholes, Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C. will schedule a utility line locate service to mark standard underground utilities.
  • Customer is responsible for locating and marking all other underground obstructions such as, but not limited to sprinkler lines, sewer lines, or homeowner installed power, gas or water lines.
  • Excavation, tree trimming, and removal of old structures are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C. is NOT responsible for Home Owners’ Association approvals.
  • Typical pergola, pavilion, & patio pavilion installation includes cedar posts cemented 24” - 42” in ground. If rock is encountered during excavation, an additional charge ($109.99 per hour in most cases) may apply.
  • If installing structure on an existing concrete slab, concrete anchor kit option must be purchased prior to installation. Please contact Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C. for minimum slab requirements prior to installation. (Stardard Pergola Model and / or Pavilions may require additional options.)
  • If electrical power is not available within 100’ of installation site, a fee of $75 will be required for generator rental.
  • Price quotations are valid for thirty (30) days from date of written proposal.
  • Should a building permit be required in your area, Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C. will obtain the required permits for a fee of $250. Should additional inspections, engineered drawings or any other fees be required by your municipality, those additional charges will be added to your purchase. All fees must be paid prior to installation.
  • Lawn Master Outdoor Living, LLC products are designed to meet the minimum code requirements of the current editions of the International Residential Code and the International Building Code. In some areas, local building code may require design modifications to meet higher wind speed, soil conditions, and/or snow loads. These modifications, if required, may be subject to additional fees.
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