How do I measure for a Lawn Master outdoor structure?

The size of a structure, both pergolas and pavilions, is represented by the dimensions of the canopy. Typically, our structures have a 12” overhang on all four sides. Thus, the post footprint is usually 24” smaller. For example, a 10’ x 16’ pergola has a post footprint of 8’x 14’. During your site visit, we will take detailed measurements. Prior to the visit, we’ll ask for the approximate size you’d like so we can give you a rough estimate and properly prepare for the visit.

Can a pergola or pavilion be attached to my house?

Pergolas, in most cases, can be attached but a site visit is required. Pavilions can not.

Can I have my outdoor structure stained?

Yes! With the purchase of our stain option, Lawn Master will pre-stain in our factory with your choice of three colors. Custom stain colors are available as well. If desired, your outdoor structure can be left unfinished to weather to a rustic, silver-gray appearance.

How long does it take to get a outdoor structure installed?

Typically, once your purchase is complete, Lawn Master will contact you within two
business days (Monday-Friday) to confirm your order. Generally, you can expect installation to be completed within 10-14 business days from order confirmation, subject to seasonality, permitting, and HOA approval, if required.

Do I need to be present for the installation?

Yes. We request the customer be present at start and completion of job.

Do you offer larger sizes than what you have listed?

Absolutely! We specialize in custom designed, professionally built outdoor structures. Whatever your need, whether it’s a large size or an unusual shape to maximize your space, we’ve got you covered! Each and every outdoor structure – whether it be a pergola, pavilion,
or a combination will be designed, and built specifically to match your site, your style, and functional needs. We also have a vast selection of options and upgrades so you’re certain to get exactly what you want.
A Lawn Master Professional will be happy to answer your general price questions via phone or email or you can schedule a free site visit. A site visit will allow you to weigh all your options, leverage our experience, and receive a definitive price quotation for the outdoor retreat of your dreams.


  • Site must be level within 6” prior to installation.
  • When digging postholes, Lawn Master Outdoor Living will schedule a utility line locate service to mark standard underground utilities.
  • Customer is responsible for locating and marking all other underground obstructions such as, but not limited to sprinkler lines, sewer lines, or homeowner installed power, gas or water lines.
  • Excavation, tree trimming, and removal of old structures are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Lawn Master Outdoor Living is NOT responsible for Home Owners’ Association approvals.
  • Typical pergola, pavilion, & patio pavilion installation includes cedar posts cemented 24” – 42” in ground. If rock is encountered during excavation, an additional charge may apply.
  • If installing structure on an existing concrete slab, concrete anchor kit option must be purchased prior to installation. Please contact Lawn Master Outdoor Living for minimum slab requirements prior to installation. (Stardard Pergola Model and / or Pavilions may require additional options.)
  • If electrical power is not available within 100’ of installation site, an additional fee will be required for generator rental.
  • Price quotations are valid for thirty (30) days from date of written proposal.
  • Should a building permit be required in your area, Lawn Master Outdoor Living will obtain the required permits for an additional fee. Should additional inspections, engineered drawings or any other fees be required by your municipality, those additional charges will be added to your purchase. All fees must be paid prior to installation.
  • Lawn Master Outdoor Living products are designed to meet the minimum code requirements of the current editions of the International Residential Code and the
    International Building Code. In some areas, local building code may require design modifications to meet higher wind speed, soil conditions, and/or snow loads. These modifications, if required, may be subject to additional fees.


Extend your budget for making home repairs, updates and improvements.

• 6 Months Financing* on purchases of $299 or more.
• Up to 24 Months Financing* during special promotions.
• Zero liability on unauthorized charges.
• Credit card limits based on creditworthiness.
• Minimum payments required

Custom-designed to fit your needs and budget.

Hand-crafted in the USA using sustainable materials.

Professional installation by our expert team.

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