100% Western Red Cedar


The solid roof of a Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C. pavilion offers additional shade and weather protection without sacrificing the open air benefit of outdoor living. We offer both gable-style roof profiles and hip-roof models so you choose the look you love. Since every pavilion is custom designed and professionally built you also have the option of combining multiple pavilions or pergola/pavilion combinations to create the retreat of your dreams right at home!

Gable Pavilion

Clearly a customer favorite, the Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C.'s Gable Pavilion has a classic roofline with a tongue and groove ceiling. The strong lines and 8/12 pitch of the roof creates a protected, but breezy outdoor room perfectly suited for an outdoor kitchen, al fresco dining, or dancing!

Patio Pavilion

Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C.'s Patio Pavilion features a hip roof that comes together beautifully to create an interesting ceiling design on the inside and a 5/12 pitch that gently slopes down on all four sides. The low profile roof complements a wide array of architectural styles and is preferred by customers wanting to create a cozy, intimate feel with their outdoor living spaces.

Ranch Pavilion

The Ranch Pavilion by Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C combines the popular gable roof profile at a 6/12 pitch with a stylish Galvalume metal roof. The ceiling features 2"x4" cedar purlins creating an attractive grid to showcase the beautiful juxtaposition of metal and real cedar. The laid-back combination of design features invites guests to put their feet up, get comfortable, and swap stories.

Garden Pavilion

The Garden Pavilion offers exceptional shade coverage and is a design chameleon. Its 5/12 pitch hip roof, boxed soffits, finished tongue and groove ceiling, and charming decorative cupola make it a customer favorite when it’s built as a square structure (with equal length and width dimensions). It takes on an entirely different look (albeit just as charming as the square sizes) when it’s built using rectangular dimensions! The 4”x8” notched headers, 2”x6” rafters and 6”x6” solid Western Red Cedar posts work together to create a serene haven you won’t want to leave.

Market Pavilion

The Market Pavilion’s inviting design feels friendly, familiar, and hard to ignore. People can’t help but gather together under the 8/12 pitch split level gable roof. After all, it provides excellent shade coverage while promoting air flow on sweltering summer days. The stout 8”x8” posts, the 4”x10” notched headers, and the 4”x6” rafters set 32” on-center quietly protect you from the elements while drawing your attention upward to the beautiful tongue and groove ceiling.

Providence Pavilion

Both strong and refined, the Providence Pavilion by Lawn Master Outdoor Living, LLC commands attention. This is no ordinary pavilion. The 8/12 pitch gable roof is supported atop huge 8”x8” posts inside 14” Colonial column sleeves. The 2”x6” rafters are set 24” on-center and the 4”x12” end-rafters feature 4”x6” trim. The five-stile end detail, the OSB decking, boxed soffits, and the tongue and groove ceiling all come together to polish the look of this regal design.

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