About Us

Launched in 2006, Lawn Master Outdoor Living, LLC sought to provide a reliable, trustworthy source for custom designed and professionally built outdoor structures.  At that time, the only readily available structures were generic metal carports or sunrooms, offered primarily by contractors working out of their trucks.

Western Red Cedar was the obvious choice for creating the foundation of our designs. Its warm, natural beauty is perfectly at home outdoors and can be coupled with any architectural style from modern to traditional. We combined this beautiful wood with the silent strength of Simpson Strong-Tie and Fastenal brand fasteners, the durability of commercial-grade Wood Defender stains, and structurally sound designs that are built to withstand the test of time. Our structures seamlessly blend durability, functionality, and a timeless design that can be customized with details such as the OWT ornamental hardware for customers who prefer to leave no detail untended.

We are an award-winning, Prefered Service Provider at more than 400 Home Depot stores across the southeastern United States.  Our innovative business approach combines the cost savings of high-volume production and precision processes all the while preserving our customers' ability to completely customize their structures.

With more than 35,000 successful residential and commercial projects, Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C. has the experience and the expertise to bring to life the outdoor retreat of your dreams.


One-Year Limited Limited Warranty

Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C. structures are built to last and come with a limited one-year warranty backed by our commitment to quality products, proven building practices, and excellent customer service.

Natural Western Red Cedar has been THE building material of choice for centuries. Its rugged durability is tested and proven to withstand the rigors of time with very minimal required maintenance and care.

One of the most cherished characteristics of Natural Western Red Cedar is the progressive color patina and ‘checking’ of the solid, center-cut components such as the posts. Checks are sometimes described as ‘splits’ or ‘cracks’ and can occur at any time, but most often appear in the first year after installation. When working with man-made materials, such as composites, the appearance of splits or cracks are an indication of defect. Checks, however, are a natural characteristic of Western Red Cedar and are to be expected. The structual integrity, strength, and longevity of your structure is in no way compromised by this occurrence. We’ll be happy to inspect any significant checking should it be a source of concern for you, but rest assured, checking is one of the features most loved by fans of natural building materials. Should you wish to conceal checks for aesthetic reasons, Lawn Master Outdoor Living, LLC offers a variety of options including decorative post-wraps for an additional fee.